My purchase experience about MD808 Pro

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My purchase experience about MD808 Pro

Message par Admin le Sam 9 Sep - 16:04

I have been looking for a powerful Car Diagnostic Tool for quite a while and I believe I just found it! Though the past days, I tested it on my cars, ranging from a 10 year old Japanese car to a 1 year old German car. I ran many tests. It works like a charm! What made me especially happy is that the 10 year old car has no fault at all Smile I also love the live data, which not only can be displayed as numbers, but also GRAPHS! As a geek, I really love to see these curves, and I appreciate how much effort they put to make this work so beautifully.

Before I bought this, I checked out the reviews on Youobd2. It has good reputations. But the question I had, and many others may have, is whether a non-professional should consider to buy it. There are anyway a bunch of other OBD tools much cheaper available in the market. However, I believe I now have the answer. If you are a geek like me, or are interested in knowing more about your vehicles like how they run, or just want to have peace of mind when you drive or when you need to clear a code, I think this may be the ultimate tool for you.

My friend has a so-called Professional scan tool (BlueDriver Bluetooth), which I have to admit is very fancy but it’s extremely basic such as reading basic codes and monitoring some functions and seems you need to pay extra money for their Apps. MD808 is really professional. It will access all modules. It has live data/o2 sensor reading/freeze mode/control modules and tells you exactly what the problem is with the code. What’s more, updating software is free. Couldn’t be happier to have it under $300.

Product is packed well. Instruction User Manual is very easy to follow. Most important part is that md808 pro is allowed to read the code from all systems and learns about the code, so you can take your vehicle into the garage to repair the trivial problems to save high maintenance cost from dealer. Btw, I also love the seller who help me push Autel to solve some urgent problems.

The MD808 PRO is labeled with accessing to ALL SYSTEMS and is easy to use and worked well for my 2015 Mercedes-Benz ML350. I could see it scans up to 30+ systems after updating the software. BTW, it’s easy to follow the instructions in the case to update the software. It is not a bi-directional tool but will clear trouble codes fast and easily. I would definitely recommend it for the pro or the handy person who wants a professional tool at the lowest cost.


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